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The popular brand Webmail, offers reliable services and helps users use their email accounts from whatever devices they want. It just requires an internet connection. With webmail service, users get many features that include an easy way to compose an email, plus features for sending/receiving emails and organizing them. In addition, this email service offers many advanced features to its users. These are creating folders to manage emails, along with using filters and labels. The most impressive thing users can see in this email service is that it allows them to use their email accounts just through a web browser. This way, webmail users get to manage their email accounts efficiently from various devices. They do not need to have separate software for the purpose. Apart from providing an efficient way to send or receive, this email service provider also helps users manage schedules through calendars, task management tools, and contact features. This service has many features that allow users to use their email accounts smoothly. The good thing about webmail service is that it provides free and premium plans to its users. Thus, if you don’t have worries about storage or security, go with free or choose paid plans.

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Webmail Inc.

Headquarters Blacksburg, Virginia, United States.
Founder(s) Phillip Hallam-Baker
Incorporation Date 1993

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Overall, Webmail works great for those who want to manage all their email accounts from different devices. 

Webmail email service allows users to open their web browsers and use the service directly. They can choose the best webmail service and establish smooth communication. Users can use them for free, but for some, they have to pay the price. This email service works on the web/cloud, and thus, users don’t need to install any software to use it. Just open the browser of your choice and then get started with your Webmail. You can see many web hosting providers providing Webmail in their hosting packages. 

Webmail is good, especially for those who use multiple devices to access their emails. The best part of this email service is that users can check their old emails in offline mode. 

Brief Summary of the Webmail 

  • The first Webmail came into use in 1993. 
  • You can also call it Webmail, web-based Mail, or cloud-based Mail. 
  • Phillip Hallam Baker introduced the first version of Webmail in the United States. 
  • Webmail service can be used using a standard web browser. 
  • There are many internet service providers that offer Webmail as part of their ISP. 
  • With Webmail, users can access personal email, calendar, contact, and file info from any browser they want. 

Advantages of Using Webmail Service 

  • A webmail user can access email from anywhere. It just requires an internet connection. 
  • Webmail enables users to track their emails on the go, whether they are at home or work. 
  • Prevents the hassles of syncing emails across two or multiple devices. 

Webmail History

The first version of Webmail was developed by Phillip Hallam-Baker in 1993. But the thing is, how did this email service come about? Phillip Hallam-Baker brought it as an HTTP protocol stack. But at that time, further work was carried out on it. In the following years, approximately 2 years, some people started working on webmail application development. When we talk about that time, there were almost three key practices in Europe: WWW Mail by Soren Vejrum, WebMail by Luca Manunza, and Webamil by Remy Wetzels. On February 28, 1995, WWW Mail was released, and later, Webmail was released by Luca Manunza on March 30, 1995. 

Matt Mankins wrote Webex in the USA. Mail Bill Filter began with his steps on the implementation, and further, on Han 24, 1995, he gave an idea of it at Lotus sphere. Then, Matt Mankins released the application Webex on August 8, 1995. Moreover, Bill Filter’s implementation was then worked on and became a commercial product. When we take a picture from the end of the year 1995, we can see Webex being sold to DostShop, Inc. (It was a Mankins’ company). In the same year, Webmail was commercialized. 

In 2001, Webex was renamed EMUmail; UPS and Rackspace purchased it too. At that time, EMUmail was among the first applications to provide free webmail services. It was introduced with advertising features and a licensed version. Moreover, in 1996, RocketMail and Hotmail also came into the market. A few days after their release, several people from around the world can be seen using them. They provide free emailing services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Webmail provides an excellent way to send and receive emails. On this platform, emails are stored, and users can use the service with the browser present in their system. So, to use this email service, users require an active internet connection. In addition, they should have a smartphone or computer to use the webmail account. With login details, they can log in to their accounts and use the service from anywhere. To be honest, Webmail is easy for managing emails and making communication. 

If you are a businessman or you own a company, you need an efficient email service. Thanks to Webmail sending and receiving professional emails has become very easy. Once you have an internet connection and a system or device, you can start using email. Most importantly, if you are a person on the constant go, you can use it from anywhere and on any device. You just need to open a browser and log into your account. 

To use Webmail, a user just requires internet access and a system/device. If you want to know about email service providers who provide Webmail, go through the list below. 

  • Gmail 
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook.com, etc.

Webmail is just an email account on the web. There are free email accounts that users can use to operate just from the website. The webmail service allows users to access and manage their emails from anywhere as long as they have an internet connection. Please note that this service doesn’t require you to download software. Just an internet connection and a browser are sufficient. 

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