AOL, formerly known as America Online, is an internet-access subscription service company in the United States. Founded in 1989, AOL is known for providing a range of web services, with email being one of its most popular offerings. The company was one of the first to establish a strong sense of community among its users through buddy lists and instant messaging services, which transmit billions of messages daily. In addition to email, AOL offers services such as AOL Instant Messenger, AOL Video, news, sports, weather, stock quotes, and MapQuest. The company's revenue from its advertising program is one of the largest and most successful of its kind. The company also acquired The Huffington Post and formed The Huffington Post Media Group. AOL's global coverage spans Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas, and it has received numerous awards for philanthropic initiatives.

AOL Inc.

Headquarters 25 miles northwest of downtown
Founder(s) Dave Brown
Incorporation Date May 1997
Official Website www.aol.com

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AOL was formerly famous as AOL Inc. and initially, it was known by the name America Online. AOL is an American service provider and web portal. Its headquarters is located at 770 Broadway, New York City, United States. It is marketed by the current incarnation of Yahoo! Inc., a company. The traces of its history are linked to PlayNET, an online service provider between 1984 to 1987. The software of PlayNET was licensed to Quantum Link (Q-Link), which went online in the year 1985 in November. After that, in 1988, another  IBM PC client was launched, and eventually, it was named America Online in 1989.


Highlights of the AOL Company 

  • The AOL founders are Marc Seriff, Steve Case, Jim Kimsey, and William von Meister. 
  • Its headquarters is located at 770 Broadway, New York City, United States. 
  • This company was founded in 1983.
  • Its parent company is Yahoo! Inc.


Products/ Services

Here are the products/services AOL company provides.

  • AOL Mobile
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • AOL News
  • AOL Local
  • Xdrive
  • AOL news
  • AOL Video
  • AOL My address



AOL was founded by William Von Meister and established in 1983. Before that, it was known as Control Video Corporation. AOL worked as an online service provider, GameLine, a console for Atari 2600. Later, a marketing consultant, Steve Case, was hired in January 1983 for the Control Video. Then, Jim Kimsey was hired as the manufacturing consultant for the Control Video. Unfortunately, it was about to go bankrupt at that time. Later, in 1985, Quantum Computer Services, an online services company, was founded. The company was formed by the people of Control Video. In 1991, when Kismey retired, Case was the CEO.


In 1997, AOL released Netmail, a webmail service. However, this service was criticized for only working on Internet Explorer in the starting phase. However, a Java-based webmail version was released that was compatible with Netscape Navigator. Finally, this service was named AOL Mail in December 1999. Then, after AOL’s successful journey, in 2004, AOL tested some free webmail services for users without subscribing to AOL. This move was an attempt to compete with MSN Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Then, the service was released in May 2005 as the AIM Mail with 2GB of mail storage and instant messenger. 


Finally, in August 2006, AOL became a free service provider for broadband users, and Netscape Mail was also moved to AIM Mail. Furthermore, AOL launched a new project, Phoenix, in November 2010. It is an email application program that provides a Quick Bar for sending instant messages from one area. This new email application allows users to add up to five accounts to it. AOLhad gained around 24 million users by July 2012, which dropped drastically to only 1.5 million users in 2021.


Later on, Verizon acquired AOL in 2015 and announced that AOL would no longer provide in-house email services for broadband users. It also migrated all the users to AOL Mail. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, AOL is not known as Fortune 500. Although it was once one of the big, well-known companies, it is no longer under the Fortune 500. However, AOL is working well to generate great revenue. Moreover, it is titled as one of the top companies in the US. 

Yes, AOL comes before Yahoo. AOL was introduced in 1985, whereas Yahoo came after 10 years in 1995. However, both companies are one of the leading companies. Both these companies grew when web use was at its peak. Currently, Yahoo! Inc. is the parent company of AOL. 

Absolutely yes, AOL is a great company to work for. AOL has received many positive feedback, reviews, and high ratings for its excellent working environment. The company became public in 1992. As of now, the company has about 5,600 employees working for it. 

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