Xfinity is known for providing a comprehensive range of services that revolve around cable TV, home phone security, Internet, and more. Comcast Corporation, a popular name for media and technology companies, owns the Xfinity brand. Even though the brand doesn't provide email service as its primary offering, it is known for its full-suite services. Xfinity's cable TV service provides several channel lineups. It also gives access to channels such as HBO and STARZ (premium channels). With it, users can choose from several sports channels. Xfinity's TV packages depend on the region. Customers can choose from different packages available. Now comes Xfinity's internet service. However, internet speed depends on the package. On average, it ranges between 75 Mbps to 1200 Mbps. In addition, the company provides Xfinity Wi-Fi that includes hotspots. The telecommunication company Xfinity offers its customers various services to meet their needs. Although its email service is not the primary focus, it can be considered an excellent platform for communication.

Xfinity Inc.

Headquarters Philadelphia, PA
Industry Telecommunications
Founder(s) Ralph J. Roberts, Julian A. Brodsky, Daniel Aaron
Incorporation Date 2 April 1981
Official Website www.xfinity.com
CEO Brian L. Roberts

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Xfinity is known as a trading name of Comcast Communications, LLC (United States). Founded on April 2, 1981, this company's headquarters are based in Pennsylvania, United States. Some of the products this company provides are television, telephone, mobile, internet, cable, VoIP phone, and more. The former name of the company was Comcast Cable. Comcast Cable Communications, LLC is in business with Xfinity as its name. At present, its chief executive officer is Dave Watson. 


Brief Summary of Xfinity

  • The company Xfinity was founded in 1981. 
  • The president and present CE of this company is Dave Brown. 
  • Xfinity is well-known for providing its services in the United States. 
  • Originally, Xfinity was known as Comcast Cable. 


Products & Services Xfinity Provides: 

Xfinity provides an array of products and services. Here is a list of a few of them. 

  • Cable television
  • Mobile 
  • Broadband internet
  • VoIP phone 
  • Home Security 


Xfinity History

Xfinity came as a division of Comcast. This cable internet service provider was founded in 2010 under Comcast's triple-play service offerings. Moreover, Comcast Digital Cable got the name Xfinity TV. In the Winter Olympics, Comcast Digital Voice changed its name to Xfinity Voice, and Comcast high-speed Internet got Xfinity Internet. 


The company started providing services at the end of 1996 and has come to the list of leading cable internet service providers in the USA. Thereafter, Home Network started providing internet services and Comcast cable lines. The agreement worked till the merging of Home with Excite. However, with Excite Home filing for bankruptcy in 2002, the company Comcast changed by around ninety-five thousand internet customers onto their own networks. 


In 2011, Internet Essentials, a company program, was started. The purpose of this program was to provide internet services at affordable prices. Please note that it was for families with children who could not afford lunches at school. When we gave a major focus on June in the year 2012, the picture shows around twenty-two thousand households being seen taking part in the Internet Essentials program. 


Comcast Corporation brought a new software platform in 2017. It was done at the Consumer Electronics Show. The program was for Cisco 3941T/3939 modems and Arris 1682G. The main part of this software was that it worked using an Xfinity mobile app. With this software, it was possible to move on to redesigning the support remote setup and management, plus the configuration interface. With all these, it became possible to start Xfinity TV (smart home devices). Later, in 2017, the company Comcast introduced the Xfinity Mobile (mobile virtual network operator).  


At present, Xfinity is known for supporting and sponsoring the NASCAR Xfinity Series. In addition, this company also sponsors the NASCAR Cup Series. It took place under the sponsorship of NASCAR Cup Series driver Carl. Edwards. It won with the help of bump-and-run tactics. A new platform under Xfinity brands came into existence in 2017.


The total revenue of Xfinity was $66.318 billion in the year 2022. Dave Brown is the present chief executive officer and the president of the company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Being a division of the leading telecommunications company (Comcast), Xfinity provides several services. A few to name are : 

  • Cable connections
  • Mobile internet 
  • Telephone
  • Wireless Internet and others

Xfinity is a well-known name for providing prominent telecommunications services. With its headquarters based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States the company serves its customers throughout the United States.

Yes, Xfinity also provides email service to help its users communicate. To use Xfinity Email, users need to go to the Xfinity Email website from their devices—computers, smartphones, tablets, or others. They login to the site with their Xfinity ID and password. Moreover, bookmark the page; it allows you to easily and quickly access the page. 

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